Here are some common problems (and solutions) with the data and software.

In lle.m, change dataset into prdataset.

In dengui.m, change dataset into prdataset (in two places).

‘col’ option when plotting 2D classifiers
For anybody who is too up to date, plotc.m might not work. Especially in combination with the 'col' option. You could try the debugged version and see how far that gets you. Get it here. [It had to be zipped for security reasons…]

Anything involving dataset.m or mapping.m
dataset.m and mapping.m were functions in PRTools 4 and should have been replaced by prdataset.m and prmapping.m in PRTools 5. Please check using prversion that you have PRTools 5 installed.

If you have PRTools 5, and the error is produced by a function from the APR directory, open that file and edit it so that prdataset and prmapping are called instead. Please let us know where you found this error so we can update the file accordingly.

Wrong svmtrain:
Error using svmtrain (line 233)
Y must be a vector or a character array.

Executing which svmtrain will most likely show you that it is pointing to a Matlab bioinformatics toolbox. Update the path so that which svmtrain points to the directory where you unzipped libsvm.zip

ASCI course A1 : Advanced Pattern Recognition