Exercise Manual

You can find the manual for 2019 here : APR_ASCI_19.pdf.

[Note : it might not be wise to print it out.  Beware that errors and ambiguities may be found during the course, which will be corrected in the online version a.s.a.p.]

Minimal Working Example

Please download the datasets / software mentioned below on your laptop and follow the associated instructions. Then try to run the following code:

w2 = libsvc(iris);

If you do not get any errors (PR_Warning is not a problem) and see a figure with black and white shapes at the end, you are done. If this does not happen, please contact one of the course organizers. Also click here to see a list of common problems and how to fix them.

Data and Software

PRTools 5 – Main Pattern Recognition toolbox. Unzip in a directory that is on the MATLAB path. If you have used PRTools before, please make sure that you are using version 5 (you can use the prversion command to do this).

LIBSVM Download LibSVM and install it. For Windows, there is a precompiled version, so you probably only need to unzip the files and add the directory to the MATLAB path. For other operating systems, you need to compile the files (this is explained in the LibSVM readme files). If you already have an older version of LibSVM installed, you probably do not need to replace it.

After unzipping/compiling, please execute which svmtrain and make sure it points to the LibSVM directory, not to the Bioinformatics toolbox. – Datasets and additional functions used in the APR course. Unzip and add the directories to the MATLAB path.

DDTools for functions like dd_error that have not been included in the other zipfiles 🙁

MILTools – For functions used in exercises on multiple-instance learning.

Backup Prtools here.

Backup PrDatasets here.

QLD for Mac: qld.mexmaci64

ASCI course A1 : Advanced Pattern Recognition